Acronis True Image 2020

Acronis is a data protection software that secures valuable files, backs them up, and provides disaster recovery. It secures data access for all kinds of consumers, ranging from MSMEs to big enterprises. This data recovery software provides physical as well as virtual server backup over Cloud.

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Acronis True Image 2020 Software Overview

What is Acronis True Image?

Acronis is a data protection software that safeguards valuable files, backs them up, and provides disaster recovery. It secures data access for all kinds of consumers, ranging from MSMEs to big enterprises. This data recovery software provides physical as well as virtual server backup over Cloud. It ensures secure file transfer, storage management, and system deployment. This cyber protection software gives easy and comprehensive solutions to all types of devices, providing the highest level of security and authenticity.

Acronis True Image offers an easy to use, efficient, and cyber protection module to deliver high-value work and create reliable backups in case of system failure. The AI-based online security system provides ensures hassle-free working against ransomware and crypto-jacking plugins that can lead to slowing down of the system. Acronis True Image is used by over 5 million+ customers worldwide for their daily data protection tasks.

Acronis True Image software provides backup for everything, it includes:

  1. Operating Systems
  2. Applications
  3. Settings
  4. Photos
  5. Videos
  6. Files, Office 365 accounts, and much more

This data backup software works for all operating systems and mobile platforms. The software clones a system disk when it is in use and stores the backups anywhere users prefer to, such as local drives, external hard drives, NAS, and cloud.

How does Acronis True Image deliver cyber-protection?

Acronis True Image provides a fully integrated AI-powered cyberthreat detection system that impedes the activity of any ransomware in real-time. In addition to that, the software automatically restores the affected files completely uncorrupted. In an outstanding feat, Acronis True Image defeated more than 400,000+ such attacks last year.  This data backup also prevents crypto-mining malware infestation from system resources larceny, system slowdown, and injecting other malware.

Anywhere data access with Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image is designed to accommodate the modern necessity of seamless data accessibility. The software backs up all the data on Acronis Cloud for users to get access from anywhere at any time. It is directly available with the SaaS license to Acronis True Image. This allows users to recapture any lost file or folder from any location with a stable internet connection. Plus, the best part about it is that Acronis True Image provides a multi-device licence. I.e., users can access through an unlimited number of mobile devices with a single license.

How does Acronis Detect File Authenticity?

Acronis uses its special Blockchain technology to generate a ‘fingerprint’ to protect the data of users. Moreover, it generates a certificate that gives an easy and genuine way to check data authenticity. Blockchain technology is a type of distributed database that maintains a list of data transaction records. There is no official copy of the file stored but every portion of the decentralized system maintains the chain of records. In this way, the file remains secure.

What is the Hash Algorithm in Acronis True Image?

The software uses a hash algorithm to produce the same output for the same input file regardless of circumstances. Any change in the input alters the fingerprint. The algorithm is designed to work in one direction making it impossible to determine the original file inputs from the output. A hash table of the whole structure containing the fingerprint of the data is recorded in the blockchain. Authenticity is checked by any party that has access.

Pricing of Acronis True Image

There are 3 types of plans available in Acronis True Image. They include:

  1. Standard: The standard plan comes for Rs. 4259/-. It is for a one-time purchase.
  2. Advanced: The cost of this plan is Rs. 3549/-. It is for a one-year subscription.
  3. Premium: The plan comes at a price of Rs. 7099/- for a one-year subscription.

How does AnyData Engine Provide Data Protection in Acronis?

Acronis AnyData engine provides data protection to all types of data at any place and in any environment. Acronis data protection solution powered by AnyData is modular and scalable. Image-based backups are quickly captured and stored in a universal format, allowing recovery at any time and to any hardware or any virtual machine. This security engine is GDPR compliant and provides secure access to data. Customers can store their desired data with Acronis True Image, which will be secured by the AnyData Engine instantly.


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